A benefit to both small business and individuals alike is bargain shopping. Store brands are often manufactured by name brands so you’ll likely find the same quality from its counterpart at a discounted cost.

Many retail stores, including supermarkets and office supply stores, offer savings and rewards programs for customer loyalty. Signing up for rewards cards with stores you patronize on a regular basis will earn periodic coupons, members-only sales, and some may offer free shipping for online purchases.

Whether buying vitamins, cereal, copy paper, or staples, be a frugal shopper. Buy generic and redeem your rewards.


Many of us have multiple insurance policies be it auto, home, life, etc. When shopping for coverage, consider bundling. Purchasing more than one policy from a single firm, known as bundling, will result in less costly premiums. When bundling, some firms will offer significant discounts.

Buyer beware: If you already bundle, reevaluate your premium costs periodically. One-stop shopping is convenient, however, pricing changes over time. A deeper discount may be found elsewhere. It may be worth a look.