Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?

You’ll save money. The independent contractor is hired for a specific assignment allowing focus on this assignment only. The result is a timely completion of the task at hand and savings in wages for a staffed employee.

Reduced expenses include gross wages, payroll taxes and unemployment taxes. You may also save on workers’ compensation insurance premiums, health benefits and miscellaneous office expenses.

I run a small business and do my own bookkeeping. How will outsourcing benefit me?

You’ll save time. If you’re a small business owner, you probably wear many hats and take on the burden of doing it all. Time is taken away from managing the business, procuring new customers and, ultimately, keeping them. You’ll have more valuable time to run your company more efficiently and grow your business.

How can you help me?

I offer more than data entry services such as entering bills and recording payments. I will process your month end closings, ensure all entries throughout the previous month are correct, review the general ledger, make necessary journal entries, reconcile all accounts, and provide financial statements to management.

If needed, I can help you better understand your financial statements. We can review your profit and loss statement and I’ll assist you in determining if changes are necessary to help prevent potential problems.

What if I’ve been keeping my receipts and bank statements “in a shoebox” or I’m just starting up?

I’ll get you ‘into the system.” Your financial statements will be created and ready for review. If you choose to continue doing your own accounting moving forward, your financial statements are yours to keep and you’ll  have a clear picture of where your business stands financially.

How can you help our condominium association?

I have over two decades of financial reporting to condominium associations and real estate investors. If you’re self-managing and taking care of “the financials” but tired of the task, I will record your history using your trial balance, pick up where you left off, and provide monthly reports to the Board. I will also prepare your year-end tax package for the CPA of your choosing or provide one for you if you prefer.

How much do you charge?

I charge an hourly rate or flat monthly fee depending on the services you require. We can discuss fees during our consultation.